ESPi’s MISSION: To Innovate and Build the Best Battery Backup UPS Solutions on the planet! We focus on lowering your company’s Operating expenses for battery backup with reliable products and minimizing truck rolls!

March 2009 was a turning point in FTTh battery backup history! A telecom engineer woke up and decided…I need to pursue this or put it away for good. He decided to pursue, wrote a business plan, found interested investors and started ESPi. Listening to the complaints from telecom managers about the issues with their current options for battery backup finally fell on ears willing to listen.

2 years of development and 3 patents later the ESPi UPS solutions were born! It takes time and effort to develop a new technology and more efficient way to manage a battery and companies all across this country and world are glad we did just that. Call today to see how ESPi is changing the battery backup game with their “Next Generation UPS” Solutions!

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