• Want to just power the ONT without a UPS? Use this power supply now and upgrade to a compatible UPS later. Short circuit protection LED to indicate operation.
  • Short Circuit protection and UL listed.
  • Secures to the outlet to prevent accidental customer removal.
ESPi Accessories: Indoor Power

We recognize that sometimes the best place to plug into is an existing outlet on the outside of the home. We heard you and created this industrial strength IP67 rated power supply to withstand the outdoors. Must be mounted external to the Titan. Includes adapter for power wire.

ESPi Accessories: Outdoor Power

16AWG cable with Gray outer jacket

  • Use this cable to go from the AC outlet to the UPS
  • 15V DC low voltage
  • Available in 1000 ft pull boxes
ESPi Accessories: Power Wire

The BAM allows a one time change to the standard 3.5MM cable. The adapter can not be removed after installation This is a great addition when making a change to an ESPi UPS from other manufactures. Fits the “industry standard” size of most other UPS cables.

Allows any cable for any ONT to become compatible with the Titan or Neo.

ESPi Accessories: Battery Adaptor Module

The ESPi UPS solutions are compatible with Coax RG6 cable! Run your power wire up to 56’ on existing coax for powering the Titan or Neo

  • Available in both Male and Female Adapter
  • Coax can be used on input or output
  • Power RFoG devices over existing coax
ESPi Accessories: Coax Adaptor


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