About ESPi

Since ESPi began in 2009, our mission has been straightforward: to build the best battery and solar UPS solutions on the planet.
Our entire corporate foundation is built on input from industry leaders like you. Your complaints and comments of the challenge to keep networks up and running were the reasons for the innovation and engineering in our first-in-class battery backup UPS product lines of NEO Indoor, TITAN Outdoor, TITAN Solar and TITAN Duplex.

Your feedback continues to help us innovate. Today, ESPi leads the powering industry, not just the battery backup segment. VOLTAR, our off-grid solution came about from customer requests that weren’t being solved. Whether it is used on wireless towers in the middle of Montana, an oilfield in West Texas or on the farm, VOLTAR brings power where it is needed.

At ESPi, we design solutions. For the telecom industry, there is no other solar system for ONT solution than VOLTAR. We lead with battery backup solutions using innovative battery technology others can’t match.

Because we listen to you, we’re able to lead and deliver the best battery and solar UPS solutions on the planet.

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Why ESPi?

We built ESPi to solve the challenges you shared with us.

You conveyed to us:

  • The irritations of batteries that didn’t last long enough
  • How ONT backup runtime was simply too short
  • How costly it has become to roll a truck simply to reset an ONT
  • The challenges of finding AC outlets close enough to a UPS unit
  • Not knowing if a battery is good or not
  • The absolute frustration at having to replace an entire unit when the UPS quits

Hundreds of you laid out the need for ESPi. It became our purpose to build a business that could help yours. Your need spurred our researchers to find ways to build the best battery and solar UPS solutions on the planet. We’ve achieved a lot, but we’re still innovating and improving - based on your input.

Thanks to you, we’re delivering the most technologically advanced FTTh batteries in the world today. We’ve brought you the first onboard ONT reset button with remote reset capabilities. We’ve even brought you the most advanced off-grid solar solution available.

In other words, ESPi is here because you helped us improve your business. That’s all we ever wanted to do. Thanks to your ongoing input and you helping us to identify challenge, we continue to build new partnerships and grow. Come along and keep growing with us.


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