Your Next Generation UPS

For small cells, wireless AP, cell backhaul NIDS, SCADA and other 24V technologies, TITAN-24V fits the bill and more. TITAN-24V outdoor UPS features the most accurate temperature-compensated charging in any UPS. It can also be powered up to 115 feet away from an indoor AC outlet. It is designed for:

  • Installation flexibility
  • Service ease
  • Fewer service calls
  • High performance
  • Long life



TITAN-24V Data Sheet

  • Perfect for small cells, wireless AP, cell backhaul
  • UPS for wireless ISP, telephony, SCAD and more
  • Eight-year battery life
  • Advanced diagnostics algorithm to determine accurate battery status
  • Modular components, including swappable fuse and electronics make service easy
  • Industry proven, commercial-grade UPS
  • Field-ready design allows installation to be up to 115 feet from AC outlet
  • First-in-the-industry alarm wire connector makes installation easy and guarantees visual wire connections. This creates 30 percent greater time savings compared to conventional screw terminal connectors.
  • Dry contact alarms notify you of UPS/battery status and are compatible with most dry contact alarm systems
  • Industry’s best warranties: Four full years and two prorated years on battery and three years on electronics.
  • Patented
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America

“Often it’s much easier to get network connectivity for the devices than it is for power.”


Skyline Telecom NC