Stop waiting for the utility company to provide you with power for your remote sites. The VOLTAR Plus provides instant power anywhere. With installation times at around 4 hours you can literally have instant power at any location. Now you can power remote cabinets with a redundant system and never need to roll and/or refill a generator again! More redundant than any utility company. The device includes a low battery dry contact alarm will notify you if the battery is less than 25% capacity. So you actually are warned before the system goes down. Giving you time to go to the location to see what may have happened.

ESPi is currently solar powering devices made by:


  • NO waiting for Utility Company to install power
  • Fastest installation time – 4 hours
  • NO electricity bill – eliminate monthly power bills
  • Twice the reliability of a utility company
  • Battery alarming for low battery
  • Eliminate the need to roll and refill generators


48V Mega TITAN Hybrid (Utility, Solar, or both!)

Your Next Generation UPS The Mega TITAN Hybrid is the first of it kind for 48V power. Utilizing either Utility, Solar power, or both to extend the runtime for any -48 device. This can fulfill the FCC 24 hr. runtime requirement for your 48V equipment. This will also eliminate the need for rolling a generator to those locations where utility power is present, and you need a reliable battery backup solution for your equipment.

  • Power from utility, solar, or battery.
  • Instant solar -48V power today. Utility power tomorrow.
  • -48V UPS @ 150W
  • -40C to +55C temperature range
  • 80Ah GS Battery with 5 year warranty
  • Optional 280W solar panel to extend runtime


Your Next Generation UPS

The TITAN Solar outdoor battery backup for FTTh is the first to use solar, utility and battery power to extend the runtime of your ONT. Founded on the strengths of the TITAN Outdoor, this means it can achieve an average runtime of 38 continuous hours followed by 10 to 12 hours of runtime during the day. It, too is designed with a technician’s perspective giving it:

  • Reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Economy – up to 50 percent lower operating expense

The TITAN Solar also offers:

  • The first onboard ONT reset button enabling remote reset capabilities
  • The longest battery life available
  • Mounting from up to 115 feet away from any indoor AC outlet

  • Extends runtime
  • Great for rural markets
  • Solar power will charge the battery and power the ONT after just two to three hours of sunlight
  • Power switches seamlessly between all three power sources and is prioritized as1) solar, 2) utility, 3) battery
  • Six- to eight-year battery life
  • Advance Thermo-Amp technology gives precise, temperature-compensated charging that extends battery life
  • Advanced diagnostics algorithm accurately determines battery status
  • Modular components, including swappable fuse and electronics make service easy
  • Field-ready design: AC-DC conversion at the outlet, up to 115-foot power cable allows flexible installation
  • First-in-the-industry alarm wire connector makes installation easy and guarantees visual wire connections. This creates 30 percent greater time savings compared to conventional screw terminal connectors.
  • Industry’s best warranties: Four full years and two prorated years on battery and three years on electronics.

“Often it’s much easier to get network connectivity for the devices than it is for power.”


Skyline Telecom NC